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Summer Eating: Toss it Together!

The other day I was ready for lunch but didn’t know what to have. I had a few ripe avocados (not “guacamole ripe,” still semi-firm), a couple of tomatoes and some cut up mangoes in the fridge. I’ve had mango salsa before, but decided to try just cubing the ingredients, tossing in some bleu cheese (which you will have guessed by now is a fave!) and grinding some fresh pepper over the mixture. I probably should have drizzled a little vinaigrette over it, but ended up putting a blob of bleu cheese dressing on it instead. It was so pretty, I had to take a picture!

How pretty is this? Very!

This was before the dressing so you could see the colors clearly. And the taste? Delish! This is one small avocado, a smallish tomato and 2 spears of mango. (Trader Joe’s has sliced mangoes in the fridge case for pretty cheap – worth it if you’ve ever tried to cut up a slippery mango and dropped it or something…not that I have…I’m just saying it’s a possibility…) I put maybe a tablespoon of bleu cheese crumbles and ground a few turns of pepper on it before tossing. A tablespoon or so of dressing topped it all.

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