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I’m a TV Star!

I’m a TV Star!
two women cooking

Bridgett (left) and me (right) just cooking on TV, like we do…

Ok – maybe not a star, but I was asked to demonstrate my Mac & Cheese with Pears recipe on our local PBS station as a part of their KCTSCooks program. Twice a year our station asks for recipe submissions for a category of recipe – this show was about Pasta, Rice & Grains. They generally get 300+ submissions from all over and ask a small portion of folks to share their recipe on the air – I was one of 12. I had practiced at home a few weeks prior, showing my pal Jacquie how I prepared the dish and having her help me. I had to bring a finished dish, my demo pasta precooked, the rest of the ingredients,and a pre-made pot of the cheese sauce so it would all fit into the 10 minute segment. The day before heading to Seattle, I did all my prep and practiced in my head as I made two full recipes of the pasta and cheese sauce, packaged up my other ingredients and finished the full recipe so that, by the magic of television, a finished casserole could be removed from the oven for the unveiling. (Please note that the measurements aren’t exact on the video and that you are welcome to purchase the book from KCTS to get all the other recipes.) As I was preparing to go on – and it was shown LIVE, people! – I decided to pre-chop my onions to avoid crying and getting snotty on camera. (it was a good call). I was scheduled about halfway through, so I had plenty of time to be nervous and watch some of the people ahead of me. I was right after a low-fat, Vegan, gluten-free recipe – pretty much the opposite of my recipe which was fatty, gluten-filled and had meat, milk and cheese!Variety is the spice of life -am I right, people?

I’ve posted my Mac & Cheese recipe before, but I’ve jazzed it up some since – a recipe isn’t any good unless you can deviate from the printed text to make it your own! This version uses extra sharp cheddar (white) cheese as well as bleu cheese for the sauce.

It was a very fun day of being nervous, cooking, and eating! Recipe HERE. Watch video of segment HERE.

macaroni, cheese, sausage, pears

“Beauty shot” of my prepared dish.

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Bleu Cheese Bacon Burgers: Best Ever!

Summer feels like it is winding down and I haven’t grilled nearly enough burgers! We can grill year-round in the PNW, of course, but it’s nice to be able to do it without wearing a headlamp during our long summer days.

We love bleu cheese burgers, so I have been working on the right combination of ingredients with the thought of posting it to this blog – mission accomplished! I even remembered to take pictures! I like to use the lowest fat content ground beef available because I am adding more fat to the mixture in the guise of cheese and bacon. I also get the thickest cut of bacon and dig through all the packages looking for the best fat<meat ratio. I love baking the bacon on a rack because the mess is so much less than frying and the fat drips away to the pan underneath. For this recipe, you only need two slices of cooked bacon, so it might be easier to immediately hide two slices after cooking up a package to save them for your future burgers. I use food scissors to cut the bacon up into “bits” and, no, “Bac-os BitsĀ®” are NOT an acceptable substitute! Because the cheese tends to be salty (not to mention the bacon), I do not add salt.

This recipe makes 4 quarter-pound burgers.


  • 1 lb. 4% fat ground beef
  • 2 slices cooked bacon, cut into “bits”
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme
  • 1/4-1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/3-1/2 cup bleu cheese crumbles
  • pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients in a largish mixing bowl – I use my hands encased in plastic gloves to mix everything up. Two reasons: 1) Ew! Raw hamburger under my fingernails? No thanks! and 2) Squishing everything together by hand mixes it much more thoroughly than with a rubber spatula or spoon.

After the ingredients are thoroughly combined, form 4 patties. Grill as desired until done. Every grill is different, so I won’t attempt to instruct you in how to work your own grill!

BurgerDoesn’t this look delish? Maybe I should take up a second career as a food photographer….

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Bleu Cheese Burgers

Here they are before grilling. After grilling, they were grabbed and eaten so no pictures!

In the Pacific Northwest, with our propane grill on a covered porch, we can and do grill year ’round. One of the family favorites is my Bleu Cheese Burgers. I like my burgers lean, but extra lean ground beef with only 3-4% fat can get you a pretty dry burger, so I add a different kind of fat -bleu cheese – to the mixture and it is not only moist, but very flavorful.

To 1 1/3 lb. extra lean ground beef, I add 1 tbl. Worcestershire sauce, 1/3 c dried onion, ground pepper, 1/2 tsp dried thyme and 1/3-1/2 c crumbled bleu cheese (in the refrigerated deli section at the grocery store). I don’t add salt as the cheese adds some saltiness and it is easy to over-do. Mix the ingredients well and divide into 4 equal portions to make 4 1/3 pound burgers. I use the large Tupperware hamburger press so they are pretty uniform (and I don’t get raw ground beef under my finger nails – ew!) We grilled these to a “medium well” and served them on potato buns with an assortment of condiments – including spinach for crunch and the veggie factor.

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Summer Eating: Toss it Together!

The other day I was ready for lunch but didn’t know what to have. I had a few ripe avocados (not “guacamole ripe,” still semi-firm), a couple of tomatoes and some cut up mangoes in the fridge. I’ve had mango salsa before, but decided to try just cubing the ingredients, tossing in some bleu cheese (which you will have guessed by now is a fave!) and grinding some fresh pepper over the mixture. I probably should have drizzled a little vinaigrette over it, but ended up putting a blob of bleu cheese dressing on it instead. It was so pretty, I had to take a picture!

How pretty is this? Very!

This was before the dressing so you could see the colors clearly. And the taste? Delish! This is one small avocado, a smallish tomato and 2 spears of mango. (Trader Joe’s has sliced mangoes in the fridge case for pretty cheap – worth it if you’ve ever tried to cut up a slippery mango and dropped it or something…not that I have…I’m just saying it’s a possibility…) I put maybe a tablespoon of bleu cheese crumbles and ground a few turns of pepper on it before tossing. A tablespoon or so of dressing topped it all.

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