Your chef today is…

“Come for to eat!” is what I say when it is time to eat at our house – usually in a bad Russian accent. It’s ethnic envy, plain and simple. (see my introductory post) And, ok – I am not really a chef, but I do like to cook – preferably with a minion who follows me around and cleans up my messes (Thanks, babe!) I hope to share with you recipes that are easy and tasty – without all that nutritional information to cloud your judgment. As nearly-empty nesters, I am often cooking for just my husband and me, but I like to have a crowded table, too – particularly for holidays. If I had to categorize my recipes, I’d have to say they are definitely Comfort Food. I cook instinctively – I seem to know what flavors/ingredients will meld well together and it works out…most of the time. I experiment a lot and I used to be terrible about writing everything down and would be unable to fully duplicate a successful concoction. My husband would say, “This is wonderful, babe! Did you write it down?” Such a nag! I’m better about it now, though, so I can smugly say, “Yes – of course I wrote it down!” And now I can add, “I posted it on my blog!”


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