Boiled Easter Eggs? Now what?

23 Apr

They're fun to color and they're pretty, but what happens after Easter?

Although I love egg salad sandwiches, I don’t keep sandwich bread around too often! We are “very nearly” empty nesters and my husband isn’t home for lunch – he prefers leftovers from dinner anyway! However, breakfast is my favorite food and we were served a delightful breakfast “sandwich” (loose term – it was eaten with a fork) at Sandlake Country Inn in Pacific City, Oregon that I just had to try to replicate.

But first, an aside: We came across this B&B by pure happenstance when we were looking for a special trip for our 25th wedding anniversary. We have gone back every year since! The inn itself is an old farmhouse and they have somehow configured each suite/room so that there is maximum privacy – wonderful! And breakfast is left outside your room by the breakfast elves after a light >tap-tap< on your door. That’s right – breakfast is private too! If it’s nice, we like to eat out on the private deck in our bathrobes – try doing that at another B&B and you might be asked to leave… And what a feast! We never have lunch while on our trip – maybe an ice cream cone at the Tillimook Cheese Factory in the late afternoon. If you are planning to be near the Oregon coast, make reservations at Sandlake Country Inn – glorious!

Easter Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

The amount of ingredients needed depends on how many you want to make. I used 2 eggs for 3 sandwiches. (The croissants were approx 3 inches across)

Boiled eggs (sliced)
Croissants (split)
Cream Cheese w Chives (or get Whipped Philly and add a tsp of chives/herbs, mix well and refrigerate overnight)
Canadian Bacon

Spread the cream cheese on both halves of the croissants, place boiled egg slices (overlap some) and Canadian bacon on one half and cover with remaining croissant half. Place sandwiches in a baking dish, cover with foil and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
Eat them. They’re tasty.
I made one sandwich and nuked it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and it was pretty darned good! I tried cooking them on the stove before, but it didn’t work as well as baking them – the croissant blackened before the insides were warm.

On a subsequent trip to the B&B, we were served the breakfast sandwich again, but they used poached eggs. Also quite tasty, but since when do you have extra poached eggs just laying around? Never? I thought so!

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