I feel like chicken tonight…

12 Mar

“Chicken? Again?” Who hasn’t thought or heard that – a show of hands? One, two, three, hmm… ten, oh …40,000…. Face it – we’ve all heard it! We oh-so-often marinate and grill our chicken (in the Pacific Northwest, we grill year round – rain, snow, shine!) which is quick and easy. A no-brainer. I hunted around for a different recipe for chicken with my criteria being “super easy for a super supper.” Too cute? You can almost see the apron around my waist and the pearls around my neck, can’t you? Anyway… I went to a great recipe source called All Recipes and found this recipe for a rosemary chicken that was almost too easy! Of course, even though this was the first time I tried it, I made some changes according to what I thought would taste nice with the basic recipe, but to also accommodate stuff I already had in my fridge. It’s called, “One Pot Rosemary Chicken” and you can print a pdf of the recipe by clicking here, but I’ll describe it below as well. The amounts are in the recipe – I won’t bore you with repetition. You may even have most of the ingredients on hand already – if not, they are easy to find or substitute with what you do have. Hmmm – I guess another criteria for my recipes is “flexible!”

One Pot Rosemary Chicken - tasty and pretty, too!

You’ll need 6-8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (rinse and pat dry with paper towels), salt, pepper, dried rosemary, canned white beans (drained), stewed tomatoes (I used the “Italian style” or you could use canned diced tomatoes if you have that in the cupboard instead) – undrained, asparagus, slivered red onion, and black olives. Some sliced mushrooms would also be yummy in this recipe…If you don’t like asparagus, about a cup of another green veggie will do.

Mix the seasonings together while you heat a little olive oil in a deep-sided skillet. Sprinkle the seasonings on one side of the chicken; press it on there with your fingers so it sticks well. Place the chicken seasoned side down in the skillet and cook for 3 minutes. You are searing in the juices at a slightly higher temperature than you will use to finish off the dish. Reduce the heat and add everything but the olives. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until the chicken is done. Stir in the olives. That’s it! How easy was that? We were too lazy to make a salad when we had it – that would have made the meal too well balanced any way – but made sure we had a nice bread to soak up the juices. Give it a try and let me know how you liked it!

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