Super Easy Rice Bowls

04 Mar

I love ordering the Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl at Anthony’s Beach Cafe in Edmonds and Silver City Brewery in Silverdale used to have a Teryaki Salmon Rice Bowl that was to die for – these were the inspirations for creating my own Rice Bowl recipe. We had grilled some salmon one day and had a good-sized chunk left over (how did that happen?), so I decided to give a variation on the Teriyaki Rice Bowl a shot.I purposefully did not list amounts here because this is a flexible recipe that can be tailored to your own likes/dislikes and desired serving size.

First – the rice. I’ve been making rice for a long time and quite frequently as we use it as a “mix in” for our dog’s meals (shh! She thinks it’s cheese!). I make my rice on the stove top – 1 part rice to 2 parts water. I put it at medium heat, covered, with an occasional stir for about 10 minutes and when the bubbles keep threatening a boil over, I lower the heat for another 10 minutes. That usually does it. We like basmati or jasmine rice better than regular white rice – that’s just us! If you want really special rice, use a can of unsweetened coconut milk for part of the liquid – yum!

Vegetables: Birdseye makes steam packs of vegetables that are fabulous for rice bowls – quick and easy! I usually get the one with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas and water chestnuts. You can also prep some raw veggies and steam them until bright and hot. Keep them warm until you are ready to assemble “the bowl.”

Protein: Like I said, I used leftover salmon the first time I did this, but any leftover beef/chicken/seafood will most likely do. Packaged precooked chicken or beef is readily available at the grocery stores and can be kept on hand for – “Hey – it’s nearly 7 o’clock – what do you want for dinner?” nights. For this bowl, I divided the salmon, drizzled some teriyaki sauce over it and nuked it in the microwave until warm.

Assemble the Bowl!: Spoon the desired amount of rice into each bowl. Drizzle a little teriyaki sauce over the rice and add vegetables. Place the salmon (or whatever) on top. I think the first time I made this, I also pulled some baby arugula and frisse from a mixed baby greens “bag-o-salad” to garnish, but I have devolved from that practice! Serve immediately. I usually make enough so that we can throw together one extra bowl for my hubby to take in for lunch – one bowl is plenty for us for an evening meal.

Other sauces: We will also use sweet and sour sauce, orange sauce or a mild curry sauce for these bowls – everyone can pick their own favorite flavor! When doing the bowls this way, however, you wouldn’t put any sauce on the meat before hand to avoid those “ewww! you got sweet and sour in my curry!” moments.

PS: The rice bowl pictured is not one I made – I never think to take pictures of the everyday stuff so this is a generic shot.

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